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Canadian Medical Association Journal

Reasonable submission requirements and response time. Only major drawback is publishing fee.

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

Great journal to submit to. Almost no pre-submission requirements (can submit as one PDF file), and quick turnaround.

Canadian Journal of Diabetes

Straightforward submission and minimal reviewer comments, though approval/rejection response time can be quite delayed

Annals of Internal Medicine

Terrific journal. Reasonably straightforward submission process. Timely review. Often quite intricate statistical review with request for additional analysis.

Journal of General Internal Medicine

Minimal pre-submission formatting requirements. Straightforward submission process. Relatively timely response.

Internal and Emergency Medicine

Relatively straightforward submission process. Overall good experience.

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

Great journal to submit to. minimal pre-submission requirements. fast turn around time from submission to decision

Internal and Emergency Medicine

Very fast peer review. And also quite reasonable. I want to give them 5 stars, but there was so many annoying pre-submission requirements and edits I’m giving it 4 stars

Diabetes Obesity & Metabolism

Great journal to submit to. Minimal formatting required prior to submission. Quick turn around time for initial decision.

Journal of Hospital Medicine

One of the best journals to submit to. They don’t waste your time with pre submission non-sense. Very fast to reject. And relatively fast to get peer-reviews