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Journal of Clinical Epidemiology

Great journal to submit to. minimal pre-submission requirements. fast turn around time from submission to decision

Internal and Emergency Medicine

Very fast peer review. And also quite reasonable. I want to give them 5 stars, but there was so many annoying pre-submission requirements and edits I’m giving it 4 stars

BMJ Case Reports

I can confidently say I will never resubmit here. They had a ton of make work requirements prior to submission and were entirely inflexible on these requests. After 4 updates to for their requirements the requests kept coming so we dropped it and moved onto another journal


Very very painful pre submission asks. And very very slow to get peer reviewed. Currently on month 4 waiting for it.

Diabetes Obesity & Metabolism

Have submitted many articles here. They do not create work for you prior to submission, peer-review feedback is relatively fast, and their program for making edits to the proof is pretty good.

BMJ - British Medical Journal

Relatively painless submission process, though they do require some make-work tasks at time of submission (e.g., What is already known on this topic? What does this study add?) I do take issue with the fact they now charge ~$8,000 USD to publish research studies there.

European Journal of Haematology

I've submitted there once and will definitely submit there again in the future. minimal pre-submission requirements and the peer-review was relatively fast.

Journal of General Internal Medicine

I have submitted many times to JGIM. Always relatively painless and this is one of my go-to journals to submit to

American Journal of Emergency Medicine

Great journal to do business with. Relatively painless submission process and provided peer-review feedback quickly.

Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine

I've submitted here twice and will definitely not submit there again. They had a very painful submission process and requested all sorts of additional time-wasting meta-information to be added (e.g., "what is known about this topic", "why does this study matter to clinicians").