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International Journal of Epidemiology


    10 days ago

I will definitely be submitting to IJE again. Probably the best experience I've ever had with a journal. little formatting requirements, very quick review process, and a painless post-acceptance process.


Extremely slow! Despite only very minor revisions required after initial submission, it took more than 8 months for the paper to be accepted. A strict requirement to ''archive'' all webpages for all references used. After acceptance, the EIC reviews the abstract and heavily adapts it. The impact factor is relatively good and a the manuscript has to be reviewed by a biostatistician as a third reviewer.

Canadian Journal of Diabetes

I have had 2 very good experiences with CJD. Very quick review process, limited formatting requests, very knowledgeable reviewers. For both papers, I can actually say the review process highly improved the papers. However, the impact factor has dropped a bit in 2022.

Diabetes Care

Tough review process and very strict formatting requirements after revisions or closer to acceptance. The submission can be returned because the phone number of the corresponding author is not in the specific spot it needs to be or because there is an extra space (return button) in one cell in a table. However, very quick review process (4 weeks exactly for first round, 2 weeks for second round) and an editor who pushed back on unreasonable requests by a reviewer.

American Journal of Epidemiology

While the initial submission and the review process is okay, the post acceptance process is absolutely painful! The requirements for plot formatting is very (extremely!!!) strict. The paper can go through 4-5 rounds because the alignment of parentheses in a forest plot is not to their standards.

Drug Safety

No strict formatting needed for initial submission. Less than 3 months from initial submission to decision. Paper published online within 2 weeks of acceptance. Allows authors to upload peer review comments from another journal with response to reviewers for for initial submission.